AS Arıtma, established in 2001 in Istanbul, has succeeded in a short time to be one of the leading companies of sector, producing and supplying water treatment equipment like filter presses, filter press cloths, filter plates and filter press pumps.
AS Arıtma has successfully realized the production of filter presses and water treatment equipment for ceramic, chrome, marble, coal, sand, sugar etc. .
Thanks to its specialized staff and technological equipments, AS Arıtma improved its quality continuously to gain progress in the treatment sector with national and international projects.

Our products are as follows:

Filter press 500, Filter press 630, filter press 800, filter press 1000, and filter press 1200-1500-2000.

Functioning of a filter press:

The watery mass or mud which is being accumulated in the flotation unit is pumped into the filter press where it is drained via high pressure and the recycled water is send back to the system. The waste in form of drained mud, called cake, is easily to dispose.



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